This website shows samples of Damien Thaller's Visual Effects work across Feature Film and TV.


Damien is a Visual Effects Art Director and Matte Painter who focuses on designing and building photo real environments using a combination of matte painting, 2.5D and 3D geometry techniques. His work can be seen in large epic sweeping vistas then seamlessly hidden throughout live action plate extensions.


Some of his creative work can be seen in Joe Wright's prequel "Pan" and where he painted an early opening shot to the film showing period London at night before the war with Australian based visual effects company "Rising Sun Pictures". Alfonso Cuaron's film "Gravity" in 2014 was nominated and won an Oscar for "Best Visual Effects" where Damien's matte painting work can be seen over multiple views of earth from space. Neill Blomkamp's "Elysium" a more technically challenging show where Damien partially redesigned the environment look for the gantry end fight sequence, then helped develop a workflow to efficiently build up to 240 shots with the Canadian visual effects company "Image Engine".


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