"Damien has a great eye and understanding of what the client is looking for. His work on the concepts and execution of the gantry environment for ELYSIUM illustrated his eye for detail and gave the crew a valuable visual goal for the director's vision."

Neil Eskuri - VFX Supervisor


"Damien produced the matte painting projection work on 2 of our biggest shots on “Australia”. A view of Darwin seen from a flying boat and a big pull out shot set during the evacuation. He was key to developing the design and establishing the look of the Darwin environment in these aerial shots. The opening shot of Sarah driving into militarized Darwin also featured his impressive matte painting of the midtown street. His work is well observed and researched, he has a keen eye for composition, surfacing and lighting. You can safely give him a big shot knowing that he’ll deliver you a result that is of a high standard both creatively and technically. He’s always positive and passionate about the work and I would not hesitate to sign up Damien for our next film."

Andy Brown - VFX Supervisor - Animal Logic


"Damien and I worked together on Baz Luhrmann's "Australia". His artwork on two of our toughest shots was outstanding - and in addition to being artistically solid, also demonstrated a comprehensive technical skill and understanding of 3D processes that was necessary to completing the work. Looking forward to working with him again in the future."

Will Reichelt - VFX Supervisor - Animal Logic


"I worked with Damien recently on the Alex Proyas film Knowing, he was responsible for producing some complex multilayered Matte paintings. He did a great job and was a pleasure to work with."

Andrew Jackson - VFX Supervisor


"Damien came on board with Wolverine to finish two technically and creatively difficult shots. He delivered great matte paintings in a short amount of time and made our clients very happy. He has a good attitude, great work ethic, and the skills to get the job done."

Tom Proctor - VFX Supervisor - Rising Sun Pictures


"I have worked with Damien for several years and he has consistently delivered quality material during that period of time. He has always shown a desire to understand the necessary creative and narrative requirements of his paintings as well as a thorough understanding of the technical requirements required to deliver high end Visual Effects for Feature Film."

Sean Mathiesen - VFX Supervisor - Rising Sun Pictures




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